by | 14,07,16

Here at Eurostar Scientific we always try to do our bit for charity whenever possible, earlier this year we were approached by Blenheim High School in Surrey and asked to help get some much needed equipment to St Joseph’s Miranga Secondary School in the Nyanza Region of Kenya.
With the funds raised by Blenheim High School we were able to obtain 10 microscopes and a precision balance, Eurostar waived all profit and paid for the shipment of the products to Kenya for the school.
However, the story did not end there … the Kenyan authorities held up the equipment at customs and insisted that hundreds of dollars for taxes were to be paid and refused to let the school have the goods! Paul Rule, MD at Eurostar Scientific, contacted one of our own very good customers in Kenya – Mr Alex Gikandi – and asked if he could help us get the goods moving. When Mr Gikandi heard about the plight of the school he went above and beyond the call of duty and not only personally paid the taxes himself but then arranged and paid for the equipment to be transported to St Joseph’s … this saved the principal Mr Mark Origa a 300KM journey to collect the goods!
Needless to say the final result was a very happy school principal and some even happier school children!
We would like to thank Blenheim High School for involving us in this project and a huge thank you to Mr Gikandi for his incredible generosity and kindness ensuring the children got their equipment. We would also like to thank Mr Origa for sending us photographs of the children with the equipment, it was a pleasure to see them and be involved.